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Promote National Direct Deposit Month with Updated Materials

To mark National Direct Deposit Month in May, the Direct Deposit: Bank on It topic page now features:

  • Updated Marketing Materials for State Agency Use ready to be customized with your agency contact information, including:
    • Payroll and vendor/payee stuffers in English and Spanish
    • A promotional flyer
  • Information on enhanced protections against fraud
  • The option of requesting a report that shows how your agency’s direct deposit percentage has been increased over time in addition to the link to Agency Direct Deposit Percentages for the past month

Direct deposit saves time, money and resources. Use the Savings Calculator to see how much increasing direct deposit participation can save your agency.

For more information, please contact Payment Services.

Reminder – Warrant Size to Change May 5

Effective May 5, the state warrants (checks) will have a different size and appearance.

The new warrants fit in #10 window business envelopes and will be 8.5 x 3.5 inches printed on an 8.5 x 11 sheet that includes the stub. Your agency may need to stock envelopes to accommodate the new warrant size.

Held warrants issued before May 5 that are released will be in the current size. Current warrant envelopes may need to be stocked for 30-45 days after May 5 for distribution of released held warrants issued before May 5.

The stub will have:

  • 30 spaces for the invoice number (increased from 14 spaces)
  • 35 spaces for a payment description (increased from 30 spaces)

Note: Payment-related information may not include any confidential or Protected Health Information as outlined in USAS Invoice Number Field Requirements (FPP E.023).

If you have questions about the warrant changes, please contact Payment Services.


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