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Reminder – Review the Direct Deposit Checklist

The State Agency Direct Deposit Checklist for agencies and institutions of higher education includes:

  • Links to Administrative Rules for Electronic Fund Transfers
  • Instructions for submitting your agency’s method of direct deposit authorization for approval if you do not use the Comptroller form
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) related reminders
  • Recommendations to reduce security risk


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Payment Information

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Web Applications and Calculators


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Payment Services 90-Day Calendar

7/4/2016  Federal Holiday -
No USAS Cycle
 No Warrant Pickup
 Warrants from
7/1 Cycle
Available 7/5
9/5/2016  Federal Holiday -
No USAS Cycle
 No Warrant Pickup
 Warrants from
9/2 Cycle
Available 9/6


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