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Updated Fix for BlueZone

Recently, Microsoft released and updated Internet Explorer (IE) to version 11.0.35. The new IE version was incompatible with the BlueZone Web-to-Host Windows-based terminal emulation application.

Microsoft has released a fix (KB3192665) that will eliminate the compatibility issue. It can be downloaded from their Update Catalog.

BlueZone can be used to access the Comptroller’s mainframe through online applications, such as the Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS) or the Uniform Statewide Payroll/Personnel System (USPS).

For more information, see Requirements for Transmitting Comptroller Information Over Public Networks (FPP N.007) (login required).

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Payment Services 90-Day Calendar

10/10/2016  Federal Holiday -
Regular USAS Cycle
 Warrant Pickup Available
11/11/2016  Federal Holiday -
No USAS Cycle
 No Warrant Pickup
 Warrants from
11/10 Cycle
Available 11/14
11/24/2016  Federal Holiday -
No USAS Cycle
 No Warrant Pickup
 Warrants from
11/23 and 11/25
Cycle Available
11/25/2016  State Holiday -
Regular USAS
 No Warrant Pickup
 Warrants from
11/23 and 11/25
Cycle Available
12/26/2016  Federal Holiday -
No USAS Cycle
 No Warrant Pickup
 Warrants from
12/23 Cycle
Available 12/27


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