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Unclaimed Property Annual Notification

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Applicable to

State agencies and institutions of higher education


Unclaimed property turned over to the state includes property that may belong to state agencies or institutions of higher education. If agencies and institutions do not claim property after an annual notification, the Comptroller’s office deposits the money into unappropriated General Revenue (GR).

Agencies and institutions are encouraged to contact the Comptroller’s Unclaimed Property Division regularly for assets (see Claiming Property for more). When inquiring about unclaimed property, it is important to suggest variations on the agency name as the database reflects how the money was reported, which may not be the official agency name (see Tips for Submitting Claims and Searching for more).

Legal cite

Property Code Section 74.601 (g)

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State Agency Property List (As of 1/5/16)

As of Jan. 5, 2016, the Comptroller’s office was holding unclaimed property for the following agencies:

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Institutions of Higher Education

Institutions of higher education are encouraged to search for unclaimed property at

See Tips for Submitting Claims and Searching for search tips.

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Claiming Property

Claim forms will be mailed to the financial representatives of the agencies on the State Agency Property List by Jan. 29, 2016. If your agency is on the list, please help assist the process by providing contact information for your agency’s appropriate financial representative to Harvey Finnen at (512) 463-1059 or Julie Boyea at (512) 936-4244 of the Comptroller’s Unclaimed Property Division. If the property remains unclaimed by May 27, 2016, the funds will be swept into unappropriated General Revenue (GR).

Agencies operating with a General Revenue-Dedicated (GR-D) account or a special fund outside of GR may be able to claim unclaimed property held by the Comptroller’s office.

If the agency provides supporting documentation that demonstrates the original source of the funds as a GR-D account or special fund outside of GR, the property may be returned to the original fund and may be subject to future appropriation.

It is incumbent upon the claiming agency to establish the original source of funds.

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Tips for Submitting Claims and Searching

State agencies submitting claims and institutions of higher education searching for property should consider possible variations on agency/institution names as the database reflects how the money was reported, which may not be the official name.

Here are some tips to consider when submitting your claim (agencies) or searching the database (institutions):

  • Include previous versions of a name, such as “Texas Employment Commission” for “Texas Workforce Commission.”
  • Include common acronyms, such as “Texas DPS” for “Texas Department of Public Safety” or “UT Austin” for “University of Texas at Austin.”
  • Include common unofficial names, such as “Highway Department” for “Texas Department of Transportation.”
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