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What’s New on FMX?

Hotel Occupancy Tax Refund Reports Available Aug. 9

Agencies that reimburse employees for state-related hotel stays are due a refund for the associated hotel occupancy taxes. The refunds are generated automatically through USAS each quarter.

The hotel occupancy tax refund for June through July will be available on the DAFR8190 and DAFR8200 reports on Aug. 9.

For more information, see Hotel Occupancy Tax Quarterly Refund (FPP B.006).

HRIS Higher Education Reappointment Reporting Begins Soon

Institutions of higher education must report certain information about jobs and reappointments to HRIS at the beginning of each fiscal year. Due dates for when institutions must submit reappointment information via electronic file transfer (EFT) are:

  • Sept. 9: EFT #1 – Classifications and Carriers
  • Sept. 11: EFT #2 – Reappointments for Fiscal 2016
  • Sept. 15: EFT #3 – Terminations for Fiscal 2015

The deadline to submit HRIS September maintenance is Oct. 7.

See HRIS Higher Education Reporting Procedures for Reappointments (FPP M.003) for details, including instructions for reporting reappointment information.

Note: During the fiscal year reappointment process, Fiscal Management still requires an HRIS EFT Specifications form (73-162) for EFT #1, #2 and #3.

Reminder — GASB Component Unit Survey Due Aug. 14

Any agency with new potential component units or changes to existing component units must complete and submit the online 2015 Component Unit Survey. The survey must be completed by Aug. 14.

If you have questions, please contact your financial reporting analyst.

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