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System Changes

ACR 43303: TINS Change
Payee Number Conversion Phase 3
ACR 44302 : TINS Change
Mid-day Validation Process
ACR 43305: USPS Change
Payee Number Conversion Phase 3
ACR 43304: SPRS Change
Payee Number Conversion Phase 3

What’s New on FMX?

CAPPS Maintenance on April 27

The CAPPS Financials and HR/Payroll environments will undergo scheduled maintenance on Sunday, April 27, from 5 a.m. until 9 p.m. to add more memory to the IBM AIX Frames.

All scheduled batch jobs will run once the Production application is stable and all frames are rebooted.

The following environments will be accessible, but users may experience issues with posting attachments, running interfaces and running reports until the full maintenance cycle is completed and validated:


  • FSPRD – CAPPS Financials Production
  • FSMNT – CAPPS Financials Maintenance
  • FSSBX – CAPPS Financials Sandbox
  • FSRPT – CAPPS Financials Reports
  • STWEPPRD – CAPPS Financials Production Portal
  • STWEPUAT – CAPPS Financials Acceptance Testing Portal
  • FSUAT – CAPPS Financials User Acceptance Testing


  • HRPRD – CAPPS HR/Payroll Production
  • ELMPRD – CAPPS ELM Production
  • EPHRPRD – CAPPS HR/Payroll Portal Production
  • HRRPT – CAPPS HR/Payroll Reporting
  • HRUAT – CAPPS HR/Payroll User Acceptance Testing
  • ELMUAT – CAPPS ELM User Acceptance Testing
  • EPHRUAT – CAPPS HR/Payroll Portal User Acceptance Testing
  • HRMNT – CAPPS HR/Payroll Maintenance
  • ELMNT – CAPPS ELM Maintenance
  • HRSBX – CAPPS HR/Payroll Sandbox
  • ELSBX – CAPPS ELM Sandbox

Critical Patches Applied to Oracle Databases in CAPPS

The CAPPS Financials Production and Reporting environments underwent scheduled maintenance on April 20 to apply critical Oracle patches to these databases. The change was required to bring our Oracle databases to the most current patch levels.

Fiscal 2013 Summary of Federal Expenditures by State Agency and Single Audit Report Package Now Available

The following items in the Reference section of the Financial Reporting topic area on FMX have been updated for fiscal 2013:

If you have questions, please contact your financial reporting analyst.

Reminder — Deadline Approaching for First Quarter Veteran Workforce Summary Reports

The Veteran Workforce Summary Report acknowledgement form and complaints report must be submitted by April 23.

For more information, please see Veteran Workforce Summary and Veteran Complaint Reports (FPP F.038).

Reminder — Warrant Pickup Authorization Form Due April 22

Every two years, the Fiscal Management Division updates the Agency Authorization for Warrant Pickup form (74-189). All authorizations now on file will terminate at 5 p.m. on April 30, and the new forms become effective May 1.

State agencies and institutions of higher education must return their completed authorization forms to the Fiscal Management Division no later than April 22. For more information, see Renewal of Agency Authorization for Warrant Pickup (FPP B.053).

Note: If an agency’s renewal form is not on file by May 1, warrants will not be distributed for that agency.

Warrants Available for Pickup 8 to 10 a.m. on Friday, April 18

Although the Comptroller’s office will be closed for business in observance of Good Friday on April 18, Payment Services will distribute warrants from 8 to 10 a.m. for the April 17 processing cycle.

The authorized agency and/or delivery service representative must be included on the Agency Authorization for Warrant Pickup form (74-189) and have photo identification. To gain access to the LBJ building, your agency runner can knock on the main entrance door to notify the guard or call (512) 475-0510 if the guard is not present.

Note: If your agency has warrants for wire transfers on April 18, your agency runner needs to deliver them to the Treasury.

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