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What’s New on FMX?

TFOA Now Accepting 2016 Nominations

State agency officials have until Nov. 13 to nominate candidates for the 2016 Texas Fiscal Officers’ Academy (TFOA), a professional development program for state agency fiscal officers.

The curriculum for the 2016 TFOA is divided into three topics:

  • Feb. 22 – 26 — The Art of the Budget Process
  • March 28 – April 1 — Fiscal Management
  • April 25 – 29 — Accountability and Transparency

Candidates must be nominated by their executive directors or chief fiscal officers.

For details on the three-week course and the nomination process, instructions and form, see the TFOA website.

Ensure Compliance with USAS and CAPPS Invoice Number and Description Requirements

The transaction entry screens in USAS and CAPPS allow state agencies and institutions of higher education to enter payment-related information in the invoice number and description fields. Review your agency’s procedures to ensure compliance with USAS and CAPPS Financials Invoice Number Field Requirements (FPP E.023).

Under no circumstances should agencies and institutions enter confidential or sensitive information such as complete or partial Social Security numbers or information covered by the Protected Health Information Prohibition.

Data items described in Business and Commerce Code, Section 521.002 must not be entered into a field not specifically created for that information unless explicitly allowed by Comptroller policy. Disallowed data includes:

  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth
  • Driver’s license number
  • Credit card number
  • Direct deposit or bank routing information
  • Medical information
  • Any other sensitive information

ReminderSPA/AFR Reconciliation Deadlines Approaching

Each state agency (and institution of higher education choosing to report to SPA) is required to annually reconcile SPA ending balances with its annual financial report (AFR) and submit a certification form and other documents. The due dates are as follows:

  • Simplified reporting agencies electing to submit early — deadline was Sept. 28
  • Simplified reporting agencies not electing to submit early — Oct. 20
  • Full reporting agencies — Oct. 20
  • Consolidated university systems — Nov. 1 (Applies only to institutions of higher education choosing to report to SPA for fiscal 2015)

See State Property Accounting System/Annual Financial Report Reconciliation (FPP C.015) for more information.

Reminder — Agencies Required to Publish Purpose of Certain State Grants

State agencies and institutions of higher education that award a state grant in an amount greater than $25,000 from funds appropriated through the General Appropriations Act are required to publish the purpose for which the grant was awarded on the agency’s public website.

Will your agency or institution award new grants that fall under this requirement? If you have not already done so, email your agency’s single link to a Web page that provides the purposes of all applicable grants. The State Grant Listing of links to the agency grant information is available on

Note: If your agency is already reporting, the Comptroller’s office does not need to be notified of new applicable grants. However, if the URL of the agency Web page changes, notify the Comptroller’s office at

Please see Requirement to Publish Purpose of State Grants (FPP S.010) for more information.

Final Fiscal 2015 Annual Report (Statewide Hiring Practices) Available Oct. 9

Final copies of the fiscal 2015 Annual Report (Statewide Hiring Practices) will be sent to each state agency and institution of higher education via electronic file transfer on Oct. 9.

For more information, including HRIS, SPRS and USPS contacts, see Annual Report (Statewide Hiring Practices for the Fiscal Year) (FPP F.005).

Reorganized APS 018 Now Includes CAPPS Instructions

Encumbrance Report and Lapsing of Appropriations (APS 018) has been reorganized to include CAPPS instructions.

Please review the new format of this APS. Each APS should be carefully reviewed to ensure compliance with the most current policies and procedures.

Online Form for Annual Encumbrance Reporting Due Oct. 30

State agencies and institutions of higher education must report annual binding encumbrances and payables to the Comptroller’s office per APS 018. Because the annual reporting requirement encompasses the fourth quarter of the previous appropriation year, there is no requirement for separate fourth-quarter reporting.

Agencies must enter encumbrances and payables into USAS for AY 2015 and prior years’ appropriations by the due date for their agency type for annual financial reporting:

  • Sept. 30 for simplified reporting agencies
  • Oct. 30 for full reporting agencies

All agencies must submit the online Annual Certification by Oct. 30.

Automated Lapse of UB to Run at the Beginning of November

By Oct. 30 each year, all agencies must lapse appropriation balances that exceed the level necessary to satisfy any outstanding binding encumbrances and/or payables.

The Comptroller’s office is statutorily required to lapse all unencumbered nonconstruction appropriation balances for all prior appropriation years on Nov. 1 of each fiscal year. To facilitate this, an automatic lapse program will run in USAS as early as the Nov. 2 nightly cycle.

Appropriation balances on the USAS Appropriation Record Inquiry (62) screen may require adjustments or corrections before unexpended balance (UB) forward, lapsing or collected cash disposition. All transactions for budget revisions and expenditure transfers for affected years should be completed before processing UB or lapse transactions. Doing so will reduce the number of issues that may arise with the automatic lapse program.

For full details, see APS 018.

New Travel COBJs for Coastal Municipalities and State Hotel Occupancy Tax

Beginning Oct. 1, there will be new comptroller object codes (COBJs) to record state hotel occupancy tax when traveling to the following three cities: Corpus Christi, Quintana and Surfside Beach. HB 1915 expands the definition of a coastal municipality to add these three cities to the list of those that receive a partial refund of their hotel occupancy tax.

When traveling on state business to one of these cities, employees will use the corresponding COBJ on the travel voucher when seeking reimbursement for the state hotel occupancy tax. Currently Galveston (7136), South Padre (7137) and Port Aransas (7138) are receiving the refund. Starting Oct. 1, Corpus Christi (7139), Quintana (7140) and Surfside Beach (7141) will also begin receiving a 2 percent refund of the state occupancy tax paid.

Fiscal 2015 Fourth Quarter Post-Payment Audit Reports Have Been Posted

The Fiscal 2015 Fourth Quarter Post-Payment Audit Reports are available for view, print and download. For more audit resources, including Fiscal Policies and Procedures, forms and contact information, see the Audit topic page on FMX.

To receive email notification of each audit report posted, subscribe via GovDelivery.

Form for Semiannual Verification of Users’ Security Access Levels Due Oct. 30

Security coordinators are required to certify that their records are up to date through a semiannual security verification process that is concurrent for all Fiscal Management applications.

On Oct. 1, Fiscal Management will mail each agency and institution of higher education a printout of those with access to each system. An online attestation form  must be completed and returned by Friday, Oct. 30, for agency or institution security requests to continue to be accepted.

If you have questions, email or see Semiannual Verification of Users’ Security Access Levels (FPP K.009) (login required).

Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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