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Proceeds from the Sale of Surplus Property Go to GR

All proceeds from the sale of surplus property, equipment and commodities must be deposited to general revenue (GR) in appropriation 99908.

  • An agency may reappropriate 25 percent of the receipts from the sale of surplus property for expenditure during the fiscal year in which the receipts are received.
  • The Texas Facilities Commission (TFC) deposits 100 percent of the proceeds from sales made by TFC on behalf of an agency into GR.

For more information, see Proceeds from the Sale of Surplus Property (FPP A.032).

Fiscal 2015 Property Inventory Due Sept. 20

Per Texas Government Code, Section 403.273, the property manager of each state agency must conduct an annual physical inventory of the trust, capitalized and controlled personal property (excluding libraries and historical arts and treasures) in the agency’s possession.

State agencies must submit the Certification of Physical Inventory Conducted by Agency (73-283) form for fiscal 2015 with the signature of the agency head or designee to the Comptroller’s office by Sept. 20. For more information, see the Certification of Physical Inventory in the SPA Process User’s Guide – Chapter 2 – General Policies.

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