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Advance Payment Notifications (APNs)

Updated March 28, 2014 – View Changes

Questions about APN? Please email or call the Comptroller’s Payment Services Help Line at (512) 936-8138 or toll-free (800) 531-5441, ext. 6-8138.

Alert: The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts (CPA) has been notified of phishing emails that resemble Advance Payment Notifications and may reference the Comptroller of Public Accounts or Glenn Hegar.

These emails are not created or distributed by the CPA and are intended to deceive the recipient into divulging personal or sensitive information and/or infecting the recipient’s computer with malware.

  • Even if an email looks like an Advance Payment Notification, do not click on email links that ask you to “open this link” or “browse this link.”
  • If you believe you have accessed a suspicious link, do not enter your user ID or password.
  • You can securely access the Search State Payments Issued Application directly by typing “” into your browser. Click on the Search State Payments Issued logo.

Payees such as vendors, state employees (for travel payments) and individual recipients can choose to receive an email from the state when:

  • A direct deposit payment has processed and been sent to their financial institution, and/or
  • A warrant has been issued and is available for distribution.

All payees including state employees should verify the availability of funds with their financial institution before expending funds.

To opt-in for APN, payees must first set up an account in the Search State Payments Issued application. Payees manage their own APN options. After receiving an APN, they can go back to the application to securely access their payment details online.

Please see more information on the Set Up Account Access help page.

Changes to this document
03/28/2014 Added link to the Set Up Account Access help page.
11/15/2012 Reflected changes to APNs with new Search State Payments Issued application.
10/24/2012 Updated to reflect users no longer submit a form to set up APN.
08/06/2012 Added information on revised APN text.
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